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Three girls, three stories, one ending.  Read in any order.

Ember Reed is a shape-shifter that can't Shift, earning her the nickname the "sucky spook" at the Sagefall Rec Center. But lately she's been developing a new ability that is unheard of for her kind and the people she trusts most are telling her it's wrong. Not only that, spooks are going missing and Ember finds that her and her friends may be next to disappear.


Just when seventeen-year-old Ashley thinks she’s able to quit her job at Legion, a government of supernatural beings, her long-time partner, Colt’s, family starts to disappear. They aren’t the only one’s either; spooks have been vanishing all over the world.


Grace has finally escaped her past of foster homes and mall-cop jail cells. What she hasn’t escaped is her deadly temper, if she loses control black flames lash from her at high velocity. When a boy named Noah drags her through a magic portal after getting attacked she realizes she isn’t the only one out there with bizarre powers. But can she really trust someone with her biggest secret?

Love Notes to Nightmares Omnibus

Romance and horror meld together in this unique poetry series.


The truth brings chaos swift and sudden.

Read an excerpt from Beneath the Earth's Shadow

Latest Works

Lyrical wailing and sociopaths.

Love Notes to Nightmares III

love notes 3 cover.jpg


Broken stones and stars unaligned. Distant light and overgrown shrines. A collection of poems telling the stories of humans that fell in love with a myth.

Rouge 52



When Gwen became an official employee of Sharpe Investigations she thought she would be helping write about cases Osh worked on, but instead, she’s in Vineville working on her blog. If she hadn’t signed a one-year lease with her friends Lily and Thea she might have quit, but then she would have missed the casket that appears in front of the law offices of Mueller and Moon, body included.

The Possession of Willa Queen

willa queen covers.png

YA Horror

Possessed by a demon for the past 14 years, Willa has gotten used to her life.  Ithinara cannot take full control of her body, but the normally tame demon becomes enraged when a new boy comes to her school.  

Now Willa must decide if she wants to trust the demon in her, or the one that says he can set her free.

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