Escape to other worlds

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Latest Works

Lyrical wailing and sociopaths.

Love Notes to Nightmares II



Echoed calls and frostbitten skin. Fallen lovers and forgotten places. A collection of poems telling the stories of humans that fell in love with a myth.

Rouge 52



When Gwen became an official employee of Sharpe Investigations she thought she would be helping write about cases Osh worked on, but instead, she’s in Vineville working on her blog. If she hadn’t signed a one-year lease with her friends Lily and Thea she might have quit, but then she would have missed the casket that appears in front of the law offices of Mueller and Moon, body included.

The Gifts of Hannah Best



It takes a killer to reveal her purpose. To know a killer ensures her legacy.


The truth brings chaos swift and sudden.

Read an excerpt from Beneath the Earth's Shadow