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Love Notes to Nightmares II


Echoed calls and frostbitten skin. Fallen lovers and forgotten places. A collection of poems telling the stories of humans that fell in love with a myth.


Rouge 52

New Adult - Mystery - Cozy

When Gwen became an official employee of Sharpe Investigations she thought she would be helping write about cases Osh worked on, but instead, she’s in Vineville working on her blog. If she hadn’t signed a one-year lease with her friends Lily and Thea she might have quit, but then she would have missed the casket that appears in front of the law offices of Mueller and Moon, body included.


The Gifts of Hannah Best


It takes a killer to reveal her purpose.  To know a killer ensures her legacy.

Poetry - Romance - Horror

Love Notes to Nightmares

A series of poems to myths from the humans that love them.  Horror and romance blend into one.


Love Notes to Nightmares

Lyrical wailing, dancing lights between the trees, a twisted darkness, and a century of pain. A collection of poems telling the stories of four humans in love with a myth.

Scifi - Mystery - Space Opera

The Monarchy

What if your decision affected an entire universe?

Photo 2022-01-22, 9 30 32 AM (1).jpg

The Argent Star

The Monarchy

Ren Argent wanted to be an archeologist and spend her life exploring the lost cities of Earth. When a new planet is discovered and her father is appointed King, she has to leave behind everything she knows to rule over a place she’s only heard in legends.
There is more to this planet than anyone knows, and Ren's actions may ignite a rebellion across the universe. 

Young Adult - Fantasy

The Dark Origins

Three girls, three stories, one ending.  A unique fantasy series that can be read in ANY order.



The Dark Origins

Grace has finally escaped her past of foster homes and mall-cop jail cells. What she hasn’t escaped is her deadly temper, if she loses control black flames lash from her at high velocity.
When a boy named Noah drags her through a magic portal after getting attacked she realizes she isn’t the only one out there with bizarre powers. But can she really trust someone with her biggest secret?

Young Adult - Mystery - Fantasy

The Ethereal Crossings

Murder, monsters, and a connection to another world.  Ellengale is an exciting place, unless you're Liv. NOW REVISED FOR 2022!



Book One

It’s been one year since the creatures of Shadeland have exposed themselves to the world, but Liv doesn’t really care; she knew of them long before anyone else did because her best friend Luke is one. But when women begin dying in her hometown, Luke gets blamed for the killings because he isn’t human and it sets Liv on a mission to find out who the killer really is, or what it is.

Young Adult - Mystery - Fantasy

Yound Adult Standalones


Threads of Chaos

Young Adult - Fantasy - Mystery

Mercy Singer died five months ago, but the doctor’s brought her back. Too bad she came back damaged; she’s started to have visions of people dying, and conversations with people that like to vanish. She thinks she's crazy, but when new kids Eve and Tristan Holmes suggest what she's seeing might be real she begins to wonder.
What if she came back for a reason?

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