The Ethereal Crossings

Four books in one!

The complete collection of The Ethereal Crossings, a story that follows Liv Burnett and her encounters with the Eidolon. Liv starts out merely wanting to help prove her friend isn't a murderer, but as things develop she learns there's even more to her small hometown than she thought. Bounty hunters, witches, monsters and ghouls await!




A series that can be read in any order!

Read the stories of three girls as they discover who they are, where they come from, and where they’re going.  Each book is the tale of one girl, their life, and how different events lead them to the same place at the same time.



Twenty-year-old Tess has the ability to astral project, and while going for a midnight walk in the woods she stumbles across a ritual murder. Not only that, the killer was able to see her when nobody else could. Soon she thinks her life can return to normal, until Jonas Adler contacts her with an offer she can't refuse.

Threads of


“When the fate of one is changed, everything changes. One person changes everything.”

Mercy Singer died five months ago, but the doctor’s brought her back. Too bad she came back damaged; she’s started to have visions of people dying, and conversations with people that like to vanish. She thinks she's crazy, but when new kids Eve and Tristan Holmes suggest what she's seeing might be real she begins to wonder.
What if she came back for a reason?


Cross &


Possessed for fourteen years, Willa Queen has never tried too hard to get rid of her demon, Ithinara. But when the new boy in town, Cain Steele, starts giving her attention she becomes torn between the life she's used to and the life she could have. Getting close to Cain might be what finally lets her demon take over for good, or it could be exactly what sets Willa free.

Love Notes to Nightmares

Poetry Collection.

Lyrical wailing, dancing lights between the trees, a twisted darkness, and a century of pain.

A collection of poems telling the stories of four humans in love with a myth.

The Monarchy

A planet that went missing centuries ago, the ship that vanished with it, and the descendants of the survivors.

What Ren decides here will change the course of the universe itself.

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