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Coffee Break's First Draft Complete!

It's official, and ahead of schedule: Coffee Break's first draft is officially complete! My LGBTQA+ novel about sudden fame, the changes in friendship in your early 20's, and discovering there's more to sexuality and romance is actually done. It's also my first contemporary novel--no murder, no magic (well not fantasy magic), and no mystery to solve. It was somehow easier and harder than I thought it would be.

Now to just figure out an official name for the book o.o'

Going viral for taking down a Karen means a lot more attention on Lia and the small café she works at. It opens up a lot of doors, some she isn't sure she wants to walk through, and brings up personal questions about who she is, her sexuality, and her beliefs. With the help of friends, old and new, Lia is on a journey to find her place in the LGBTQA+, all while navigating her newfound fame.

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