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It's August and I'm Still Bad at Blogging

Well, the title seemed appropriate. I wanted to blog more regularly, at least weekly, but I've been rather distracted lately with work, editing and writing. I've hit a sort of roadblock with Rouge 52 in edits--I know something needs to change, but I'm not quite sure what. It's not an overhaul of the plot, but I don't think it's going to be small either. It's a dynamic between two characters, I think, that needs some shifting. Either way, I'm working on it!

In the meantime, I decided to publish my poetry collection Love Notes to Nightmares on Amazon! I was originally writing it under the pen name Amara Moon, but decided to just do it all under D.L. Miles. I'm considering putting all my work under D.L. Miles, regardless of genre. I know I want to add my sci-fi stuff for sure, but I need to get the covers redone first.

Love Notes to Nightmares is available in print and on kindle.

Love Notes to Nightmares is, oddly enough, something I'm rather proud of. It started off with writing about mermaids and developed into a series. All are from the point of view of the human, the monsters are never named; can you guess them? Some will be obvious, but the above poem may be harder.

I already have more planned, and had published a chapbook under Amara Moon, which I've since taken down. Those poems will return in Love Notes to Nightmares II!

I've already ordered some print copies for friends and family--I can't wait to get them! I'd suggest you follow my instagram for more; I've been more active there, sharing more stuff from life rather than just my books :)

Thank you to all you readers out there! I hope you enjoy my poetry as much as you've enjoyed my fiction.

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