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July 2021 Wrapup

Stealing the idea from Slackshow, here's to trying to write a monthly post!

July was a busy month for me. I've officially moved into a new place! There are still many boxes everywhere, and I imagine there will be until at least 2022. But, I have more space now, so that's...something. There is a lot more natural light, which is nice!

New computer/desk setup, new couch, lots of new things, including covers for books! I'm officially done Love Notes to Nightmares 2 and working on the covers as I type this out. I have a couple of designs I need to choose from, and you may or may not be able to view these on my Instagram stories (and vote for which one you like best!). So far the votes are going as I thought they would, but hey that could change.

The leader so far, with 87% of the votes.

It's still only a rough draft, but after being so indecisive about the colours, I like where it landed.

Speaking of Love Notes 2! There's a new video up on TikTok and Youtube featuring some of the poems from the chapter My Love, The Frost.


I've also gotten into two-sentence horror stories this past month. They're being posted on just about all my social media, including Commaful and Wattpad. I've been working hard to upload to those places on a more consistent basis. I've even been putting up chapters weekly on Of Noble Chains. While I'm not continuing the series at the moment, I still love the characters and felt that they needed to be re-released into the world.

I'm a little late to the game, but I've recently discovered Tap by Wattpad. Why are they not marketing this site more?? I am in LOVE with the format for scary stories, and already have one up there. Going through a story through text message style is absolutely captivating. I'm still learning how the app works, there's really no desktop version to use, but I have plans for more little scary stories to go along with the two-sentence ones I've been posting.


Wow, did not think I had this much to say for my July post! There are a couple more things to add, but they'll be saved for the August update since technically they happened in August. Anyway, happy reading!

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