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Love Notes to Nightmares III - Cover Reveal and Update

Good morning! Yesterday I uploaded the third book in the Love Notes to Nightmares series to Smashwords as a preorder. The KDP preorder is coming soon, I'm just waiting on the proof of the print version before finalizing it all.

For now, here's the new cover! It took me quite a while to finally settle on one, none of them seemed quite right. I'm still not 100% on this one, but I don't think I've ever been with a cover. Because of the cover theme, I also ended up swapping one of the monsters in the book to a Cthulhu creature! It's one of my favourite series (I know, I say that about all of them), but I do love it.

The release date is August 25, so mark the date and get your preorder in now! Five stories of humans that fell in love with monsters, including a witch, wisp, Lamia, Cthulhu and a kitsune.

Here's a little taste of the witch series:

Black runs through your veins inches out into the things around you. The cat that sleeps on your steps, the crow that pecks your windowpanes. It coats your eyes, you hair, your fingernails. The night courses in your blood, and it is something only I can stop. When I lay in bed tonight I will dream of you as you were when I first saw you. Dancing in the dark worshiping the flames as if they were your master instead of praying for them to take me with you. And I will bury her so far down into the earth, their hands will bleed to dig her out. So far down Hell will hear their screams.

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