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The Monarchy Republished

Yes, I finally did it! I've uploaded The Argent Star and The Howling Jade to both Smashwords and Amazon, so they should be available soon. They're not under D.L. Miles, rather than Emerson Fray. The reason it took so long was because I wanted to get the covers redone by the original artist, yocladesigns, but she is unavailable. For a LOOOOONG time. It was easier to just edit the name in Photoshop myself, but I think I will have the covers redone, maybe when the third is coming out.

Going through this series again has reminded me how much I love it. I have the third one printed out and ready for editing, but kept putting it aside since the first two were unpublished. I'll have to get into it, because I really want to release Warren and Vogue into the world, and finish their story and get moving on the next ones.

When I first started The Monarchy series I had a lot of plans for it, I guess I still do! The idea was to have every two books change the main character, have their part of the story done and then continue a larger plot with others. The Argent Star and The Howling Jade are both told from Ren's point of view, and then moves into Vogue's in the third (currently titled Her Devil's Grin).

These sci-fi adventures were rather different for me to write--a fun adventure for myself! Creating an entire universe was difficult, destroying it will be even harder (JK...unless...? >.>).

Anyway, I hope you'll check out the series!

d.l. miles

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