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Only My Tarot Cards Can Judge Me

and why I do a daily read.

This month I've been doing daily tarot readings on myself, mainly for practice, but also to get a vibe for what to expect for the day. It's been...interesting to say the least.

I'm still learning how to really use tarot cards, but I've found them fascinating since I was a kid. Anything to do with magic and crystals and New Age was something I needed to get my grubby little hands on. I got my first tarot deck when I was...maybe nine or ten? It was a unicorn deck, of course!

As a sun Scorpio, my card is Death! No wonder I'm all about changes and transitions.

I even still have the bag I got at the same time! It's...very stained now.

Regardless, it made me very happy as a child. I stopped doing anything to do with tarot and divination as I got older, but it was always something I wanted to learn seriously. I finally decided to do it! And what better way to learn than to do a daily read?

So far I've been pulling a lot of cards that indicate a change, a large change! It makes sense, considering I just went through a move and so much has been shifting at my workplace, as well as in my headspace. The cards let me know that I can't slack off just yet, and need to keep working on both my passion projects (aka my writing) as well as my inner self. They also say to stop spending so much money but we'll listen to that another time.

Because of my daily readings I've been doing more meditating, some shadow work, and just...things that I've always wanted to do but felt like I couldn't. The cards remind me that this is my life, MY world, even in all the chaos.

Now to do my daily read before work...aaaaaand they're all reversed.

Marigold Tarot by Amrit Brar.

Once again, my cards call me out on how much money I spend and want me to avoid the drama.

This is a simple formation, with the first card being what to expect/vibe of the day, the second is what to look forward to, and the third is what to avoid.

It's a good thing to remind myself that only my tarot cards can judge me. And they judge me hard some days.


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