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Project Update - 0416

Good morning all! I wanted to do a post since it's been a while--this month I'm working on the first draft of my LGBTQA+ novel Coffee Break (temp. title) as part of Camp NaNoWriMo. Over the coming weeks I'll be posting a lot about it, I think, with some excerpts and just general writing updates.

This novel is different than what I normally write--no murder, no mystery to solve, and more comedy. Read on for a description and a small excerpt.


Going viral for taking down a Karen means a lot more attention on Lia and the small café she works at. It opens up a lot of doors, some she isn't sure she wants to walk through, and brings up personal questions about who she is, her sexuality, and her beliefs. With the help of friends, old and new, Lia is on a journey to find her place in the LGBTQA+, all while navigating her newfound fame.


“Yeah, yeah, barbón,” I replied. “Can I get back to work now? I want to see if I can turn that zero into a negative one.”

Jules’s brow scrunched together. “You want to pre-shame someone into leaving?”

“I think that would just be stopping them from coming in,” Willow mentioned, voice low. She sniffled but smiled at me.

“Girl’s gotta dream, right?”

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