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Snake Eyes Continues (and still doesn't have a title)

After a too long break, I've picked up on my revisions of Snake Eyes, that scifi romance I wrote for NaNoWriMo 2020. Going back to the start and doing a major overhaul has been both fun and exhausting, especially considering I still have about 18 chapters left. My MC's mood seems to drift a little in the beginning as I tried to work out how she was feeling post revolution, but I managed to settle on angry and tired.

Going through it has made me begin to think again about publishing. Not so much on when it will be ready to publish, but what platform would I want it on? I've always done Smashwords and their distributors, which has been awesome, along with KDP (Amazon Kindle), but I'm curious about the others. Places that do a weekly chapter, like Tapas or Webtoons, are ones I want to look into, something to build up over time rather than release in one go. I uploaded With Cross & Charm to Tapas to see the process, and it wasn't too bad. Very simple, but I think the audience is directed more to comics than anything. (Also, I'm realizing that my avatar there is my nelf druid still, whoops!)

I'd be interested in doing another story as a serial novel, though I'm not sure how I would want it done as free vs. paid. Snake Eyes will most likely be published as a traditional novel, since I think the audience for it would prefer that. But I have a couple thriller/horror ideas I wouldn't mind as a serial.

Too many thoughts, had to write them out and avoid more editing! How do you like to read your stories? In one sitting or paced over time in a serial novel?

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