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Spring Cleaning, GG3, and a Giveaway

To start off, I'll let you know that the second Goderich Girl, Rouge 52, is up for preorder! Release date is March 9, so get it at the lowered price of $0.99 before it's out! There's more action this time around (or at least that's how it feels to me) with Gwen moving to the big city, investigating on her own, all while trying to impress Osh. Poor little disaster lesbian, your time will come, I promise.

"When Gwen became an official employee of Sharpe Investigations she thought she would be helping write about cases Osh worked on, but instead, she’s in Vineville working on her blog. If she hadn’t signed a one-year lease with her friends Lily and Thea she might have quit, but then she would have missed the casket that appears in front of the law offices of Mueller and Moon, body included."

As of writing this, the preorder is up on Smashwords and should be getting to more retailers soon.

My spring cleaning has begun, even if it is only February. We've had a couple of snowstorms hit the area, so I've been inside a lot. I've reorganized almost everything in my apartment, but it still somehow looks the same...thankfully that didn't extend to the website. I'm still loving the clean theme and fewer buttons! I hope you are, too.

And now, probably the moment you've been waiting for, the giveaway! The Gifts of Hannah Best is up for digital grabs on Goodreads. Entry opens on February 20 and closes on March 20. Plenty of time to enter and win one of 100 digital copies!

If you don't wanna wait, the duology is available for $0.99 USD right now. These stories took a while to get down, but they were probably some of the most fun I had writing. Doing something weird and different is always rewarding!

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