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Coming soon!

The Monarchy #3

Release TBD

With Ren's planet now safe, the journey to stop Eos Rising continues with the erratic Vogue.  But before she can track down the cult, she has to deal with work, as a dealer for the Calero syndicate.

Image by David Spiers

Beneath the Earth's Shadow


*Please note that this is a very brief description of the novel, and some things may change as I continue editing*

Alana is trying to find her place in the new world, and out from beneath the shadow of the Blade of Terra.  Her mother may have led the revolution that saved humanity, but she has no interest in following those steps.  Zen is a prisoner that's about to be killed, and when Alana saves him he tells her of a ship that can take him off Earth, she just has to help him get there.

Open to agent requests:

Coffee Break (Title TBD)


Going viral for taking down a Karen means a lot more attention on Lia and the small café she works at.  It opens up a lot of doors, some she isn't sure she wants to walk through, and brings up personal questions about who she is, her sexuality, and her beliefs.  With the help of friends, old and new, Lia is on a journey to find her place in the LGBTQA+, all while navigating her newfound fame.

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