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5 Tips on Writing More (From Someone That Doesn't Take Their Own Advice)

We can always write more, and by more I just mean more often. We all have good and bad writing days, so here's a few tips to keep the words flowing.

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Start with ten words. That's it, just ten. One sentence to get you started because chances are those ten words aren't going to be the entire sentence.

Do a sprint. This was something I learned about when I started doing NaNoWriMo.

  • Set a timer for ten minutes (or five even) and start writing. Don't delete anything you write for that time and stop when the timer goes off. How many words did you write?

Procrastinate. Yes, procrastinate, just not writing.

  • Have a list of chores you need to get done? Vacuuming? Dusting? A run to the store for that one thing you forgot while shopping? NOT ANYMORE. Now you're going to use your procrastination to get some writing done. Those things can wait until you've written a few words, right?

Set aside a specific time to write.

  • This one isn't always the easiest, but it can get you into the habit of writing daily. Play around with different times if you can, and decide which one works best for you. I find doing a bit of writing in the morning is better for me, because most days when I'm done work I'm far too mentally tired to get back at it.

Take a break.

  • I know this one seems counterproductive, but sometimes your brain just needs a break. Take some time--a few hours, a day, maybe a week--and then get back to it. Writing is a craft, but it's also WORK.

I should really take my own advice and start doing these. I definitely need to write more. But I also want to do more photography, and with that in mind, here's a recent photo that was something I'd wanted to do (find) for a long time!

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