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Morning Vs. Night Writing

There is no world in which I am a night owl. I've always relished in sleep and going to bed at a decent hour--my own mother laughs every time she recalls that as I child I was telling HER I was going to bed. There was never a "I want to stay up!" argument. So, really, it's no surprise that I prefer to write in the morning, and wake up early.

There is something very calming about the quiet of the morning, like I'm being eased into the day as the sun rises. As long as I didn't have a tossing-turning kind of night, my mind feels so much fresher in the morning than at night. I use so much mental energy at work that all I want to do is turn off my brain at the end of the day, so not much writing gets done unless I'm feeling particularly motivated.

The morning when I can sit and relax feels weightless--not bogged down by the day and the words flow easier. But, sometimes I do wish I was a night owl. All of my friends are night owls! Just once I would love to stay up late with them but my eyes are closing at nine. Just once I would love to pull an all-nighter of writing and see just how many words I can get down.

But, alas, I'm destined to get up at 6AM and procrastinate a bit with Sims 4 and WoW until I unplug my internet and get some writing done.

This month I'm working on Splash Damage, a fantasy-comedy inspired by D&D and WoW (yes, so original!). I'll be doing #FantasyIndiesDecember on Twitter (or X...I don't know how I feel about that), so if you're on there give me a shoutout so I can follow! I've only restarted my account...again.

Do you prefer morning or night writing?

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