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Camp NaNoWriMo April 2023 COMPLETE!

Yesterday I successfully made my Camp NaNoWriMo goal of 30K words on Coffee Break! To finish a day early makes me incredibly happy, and it also brings the WIP over 50K words total. There's still a lot to do, not only finish the first draft but go back and add in anywhere I've written [TRANSITION HERE] or [NAME GUY].

Here's an excerpt of the MC Lia meeting a potential romance (some parts are omitted for potential spoilers). For a longer excerpt and more exclusive goodies check out my Patreon!


“Anyway,” I said quickly, taking a sip of the sparkling water until I could think of an appropriate question that wouldn’t result in discussing the club and their business. “If he’s named Bubbly, why are you Reid? Don’t all you MC guys have names like Crusher or Crasher or Johnny Tight Lips?”

“No, not here.” Another drink before he opens his mouth and is interrupted by a shout across the room.

“Hey Crasher, we gotta go already!” A burly man with thick black curls waved at the back door where another burly man walked out.

I arched one brow at Reid who cleared his throat. “Okay, maybe there are some. But he’s the only one! Got it because he kept crashing his bike.”

“And Bubbly got his from his positive personality?” I asked.

Reid just nodded and threw back his head to drink the last of his beer.

A book cover of Coffee Break by D.L. Miles, with a purple background and four illustrated people.
The temporary cover for Coffee Break, designed in Canva

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