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August 2021 Wrap Up

It's already September, and thankfully cooling down here in Ontario. It felt like every day of August was 30+ and I am not here for it.

So, what happened this month? The biggest thing would be Love Notes to Nightmares II coming out!

I'm having some trouble uploading the print version, but it should be available soon. They don't seem to like the size of the cover for some reason--never had issues with it before but, needs to be bigger apparently.


I took a small break from Instagram last month as well, but am now back on for September! I'm still a little frustrated with all the spam I'm getting, so hopefully, Instagram will fix all those damn comments. I have a new theme going as well, with a focus on the feed look rather than a daily post. I do still enjoy Insta with the REAL people that are on there!

Speaking of social media, I've been putting a bit more time into Pinterest as well, so I encourage you to check out some of the cute things over there!


Other than that, I've just been working on the edits for Beneath the Earth's Shadow, writing for Love Notes III, and scrolling Twitter for too long. I also seem to have fallen back into my anime phase, but that's another story.

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